Veterinary, Virology, Viticulture

Veterinary, Virology, Viticulture Overview

Veterinary is a sub-discipline of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of domestic and farm animals that are unwell as a result of disease infection, injury or other medical disorders. Beyond catering to domestic and farm animals, veterinary is also relevant to protecting human health considering that many animal diseases are easily transmitted to humans either through contact or consumption of animal by-products. These diseases are caused by pathogens like fungi, worms, bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Virology studies viruses and the diseases they cause. As a sub-discipline of veterinary science/medicine, veterinary virology deals with the study of viruses in animals. This field is especially important considering that it has exposed the fact that many human diseases originate from virus infected animals. Examples of such diseases are the Swine and Avian Influenzas, corona viruses, and Ebola. An understanding of this interconnectedness directs Scientists to engage in research and prevent future pandemics.
Viticulture on the other hand deals with the cultivation of grapes. The process of making wine from grapes is referred to as viniculture. It is reported that viticulture is more profitable than other crop production. Today, the infusion of technology in the industry and the production of eco-friendly wines by more manufacturers has brought about significant improvements. Tengrain Science is available for consultation on veterinary, virology and viticulture.