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Driven by the challenges in the agriculture industry, Tengrain Science Limited was established as an agro-focused consulting firm. We provide business to business; business to government and business to consumer solutions. We provide a wide range of strategic consultancy services on specific subject areas including sustainable agriculture, Agronomy sciences, tree fruit production, food chemistry and engineering, water resources, weed biology, soil science, and many more. Our programs and activities are structured to provide numerous benefits to the agriculture industry.

We are an organization motivated by people and the planet. Also, we understand the interconnectedness between food value chains, the planet, and human livelihoods. With a grasp of how thriving biodiversity and functional ecosystems influence sustainable food systems and our survival on earth, we engage stakeholders, especially farmers on the need to protect existing biodiversity. Our activities seek to protect different ecosystem elements including trees and microorganisms which are easy targets of destruction.
While seeking to ensure that a sufficient amount of highly nutritious food is available, evenly distributed, affordable, and readily accessible to different categories of consumers in parts of the world, we are not negligent of the need for sustainability. Our activities encourage minimal environmental degradation, promote economic stability, and foster social equity.

At Tengrain Science Limited, we provide expert advisory services by working in collaborative research spaces and by initiating public-private partnerships. We facilitate bridging the gap between farmers and research trends in agriculture. We also intend to get involved in agri-science research relating to bio-stimulants, fertilizers, chemical research, and seeds.
Research and development is pivotal to the provision of quality inputs required to boost productivity, increase income and consequently improve livelihoods while ensuring all-year round availability of food. Therefore, we encourage researches that produce more adaptive and resilient crops that are highly nutritious and environmentally safe.

in contributing to improving the livelihoods of food producers, we provide stakeholders with vital information, create awareness on rising trends and issues and organize training for skills upgrading. We also facilitate the availability of latest technologies required to drive efficient processes within the industry.

With our presence across different countries and continents including the United Kingdom, India, and Africa, we are committed to building sustainable communities. Also, focused on the need to produce food for future generations, we work and partner with organisations that share similar interests in global agricultural development.