Chemical Food Safety

Chemical Food Safety Overview

At different points of the production and supply chain, food items are exposed to contamination by chemicals and harmful living organisms. Food safety measures however, ensure that all processes involved in the preparation and handling of food from the farm to a consumer’s table are carried out in ways that do not expose the food to any harm. It encourages accountability within the food industry and protects consumers’ health. Food contamination can occur at different stages including post-harvest when the farmer fails to clean and store harvests appropriately.
It may also occur during manufacturing, processing or packaging or at the point during transportation. Chemical food safety particularly deals with chemical contamination. It is sometimes the worst because until food items show physical manifestation of the biological and chemical interaction, chemical contamination may easily go undetected. Agrochemicals and additives are common sources of chemical contamination. They expose food items to heavy metals, natural and processing-induced toxins, food allergens and industrial chemicals. The increasing use of agrochemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to improve agricultural productivity makes it difficult to address chemical food safety. However, Tengrain Science is experienced in engaging with the farmers and other food distribution/chain actors on food safety. Contact us for more enquiries.