Food and Consumer Issues

Food and Consumer Issues Overview

At the fore of global food and consumer issues is food safety. Every consumer has the right to safe, high quality nutritious food. However, series of activities along the food supply chain expose food items to contamination. Food can become contaminated immediately after harvest due to poor storage methods. It can also be contaminated during processing or transportation from one place to the other. The complexity of global food systems makes this a serious challenge to address. However, efforts must be made especially through policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure adherence to industry standards that ensure food safety.
Consumer dietary choices is also a cause for concern. Increasingly, there is an awareness to eat healthy in support of an environment that caters to people and planet. This involves changes in food choices that eliminate wastage and support more eco-friendly food production methods. However, it is difficult to trust food supply chain actors to deliver on truly environmentally safe foods which makes it an issue of concern amongst consumers. Blockchain technology serves to improve traceability and build trust among consumers by storing information that shows the origin of whatever is purchased by a consumer for consumption. Tengrain Science is actively involved in educating and skills upgrade of food supply chain actors on food safety.