Sustainability Issues

Sustainability Issues Overview

According to the United Nations, sustainability must be approached from three main facets which are environmental, social and economic sustainability. Therefore, any activity that deviates from this concept of sustainability can be categorized as a sustainability concern. Environmental sustainability originally ensures the protection and management or environmental resources. A deviation of this leads to environmental sustainability issues some of which include climate change impact, deforestation, inefficient use of natural resources, and pollution (water and air). Among these and others not mentioned, climate change reportedly has the most impact across industries and requires the most urgent attention. This is imperative considering that other environmental issues feed into climate change impact globally.
Economic sustainability on the other hand ensures that a concept contributes to economic growth at various levels without negatively impacting the environmental and social aspects of the society. Economic sustainability issues are therefore activities that contribute to non-efficient utilization of available resources including feeding – in terms of food production and distribution, energy, and water consumption. Social sustainability issues relate to societal impacts such as violation of human rights, poor living conditions, inequity, ill-health, unfair labour practices etc.

For any process or concept to be tagged as sustainable, it must be deviant of any of these issues mentioned and as such contribute to the environmental, economic and social welfare of a group of people and the world at large. Services rendered by Tengrain Science are all targeted at eliminating sustainability issues. Please leave us a message today with your enquiries.