Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology Overview

Engineering and technology in agriculture entails the use of automated systems (farm machineries) to carry out agricultural activities efficiently. Farm machineries such as tractors and harvesters; robots, computers, artificial intelligence etc. have been made available due to the availability of energy from fossil fuels to run their operations. The application of engineering and technology in agriculture is an outcome of agricultural development. Advanced application of technology in agriculture involves the modification of plant genes through genetics to produce drought and flood resistant high-yielding plant varieties. Hydroponics, aeroponics and vertical farming are also technological innovations that ensure sustained food production. In marketing, blockchain is utilized for efficient supply chains that are void of the exploitative activities of middlemen. It also builds trust amongst consumers, especially for persons interested in tracking the origin of what has been purchased for consumption.
The application of engineering and technology in agriculture is very beneficial in speeding up operations and facilitating efficiency. It ensures the production of more food with fewer resources within a shorter time frame, and creates a possibility for the availability of food all year round. In developing countries where farmers are not very open to technological innovations due to cultural beliefs, subsidies and other incentives are provided by government to encourage adoption. Tengrain Science provides a wide range of services that facilitate research, partnerships, education and stakeholders’ engagement for agricultural development. Leave us a message today.