Fish and Fisheries

Fish and Fisheries Overview

Global fish and fisheries industry is large and significant. It is a contributor to economies, source of employment to millions of people across the chain in different parts of the world, and has its health and environmental benefits when compared with the livestock industry. In 2018, it was estimated that over 170 million tons of fish valued at over $400 billion dollars were harvested and exported between countries. The fish and fisheries industry sees to the culturing, harvesting, storage, marketing including exportation of fish and other seafood products like shrimps, crabs, and prawns.
Climate change impact is one of the greatest threats to the fisheries industry, with the contamination and acidification of water bodies, making the ecosystem unsafe and unfit to support healthy fish growth. The disposal of plastic wastes is also a major concern as fishes ingest chemicals in the form of micro-plastics that are indigestible and harmful to human health. Illegal harvesting is also a major threat which has caused many fish species to go into extinction. In some regions of the world, fishing is regulated and can only be carried out within approved periods annually. Considering the size and importance of the fisheries industry, it is imperative for concerned institutions to put specific management processes in place. Tengrain Science is available to provide you with expert advisory services on fish and fisheries industry.