Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural Marketing Overview

Agricultural marketing systems in developed countries are better structured and standardized than in developing countries. A common practice in developing countries is to trade harvests at the farm gate where they are mostly cheaper. Middlemen take advantage of this opportunity to buy at lower prices and sell at inflated prices to consumers. Agricultural marketing is an important component of the food supply chain, a reason why some experts identify it as the core of food production. The farmer produces for profit while consumers depend on what is produced to survive.
Marketing chains are characterized by several challenges including the exploitative tendencies of middlemen and high marketing costs in the form of transportation, haulage, storage, and value-addition costs. These costs are often transferred to the price of the final product to enable farmers earn from higher profit margins. Nonetheless, mobile apps are being developed to ease marketing of agricultural products. This way, farmers and other value-chain actors are easily linked with customers. An approach that eliminates the activities of middlemen. The application of blockchain technology in agricultural marketing which is a fast-rising approach also effectively tracks the process and ensures that consumers have knowledge of the origin of what they purchase. It is estimated that the integration of blockchain in agricultural marketing will reach a market value of over $900 million within the next 3 years. As part of a wide range of products and services that we offer, Tengrain Science assist with educating stakeholders on blockchain application in agriculture. Contact us to book a training session today.