Agricultural Industry Issues

Agricultural Industry Issues Overview

Despite rapid development, agriculture has witnessed and is still dealing with several industry issues today. If neglected, today’s issues may give rise to an already looming food crisis.
The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global food supply chains for several months as the world battled to curb its spread. Almost 3 years on and the industry is yet to fully recover as some countries still have restrictive policies in place. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is currently at the fore of most agriculture and food related dialogue. The war which began since February 2022 has weakened global supply of fertilizers considering that Russia ranks amongst the highest exporters of the product globally. With fewer alternatives, the scarcity and hike in price of the product would likely affect global food production this year. Ukraine and Russian are also major exporters of wheat and maize which are raw materials required by food industries. This explains why food items have generally experienced an upsurge in prices.

While the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war are emerging issues, the agricultural industry has and continues to deal with the impact of climate change. Floods, extremely high temperatures, and unpredictable rainfall patterns impede agricultural productivity. Dealing with these issues require research and exploration of other possible alternatives to ensure that sufficient food is always available to feed the world’s growing population. Our team of experts at Tengrain Science, are constantly initiating collaborative research spaces with other institutions.