Health Overview

The benefits of human capital resources highlight the relevance of health to development. To be productive and efficient, the human body needs to be in a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness. These four aspects have been recommended to form the basis of any kind of health intervention. Although a publication by Roger Williams University reports five health sub-components as physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual, emotional and social health can be classified under psychological wellness. These cardinal points are fundamental to a state of being well and may be influenced by nutrition, personal experiences and interactions.
Physical wellbeing involves engaging in daily activities with little to no fatigue. It deals with maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in physical activities, staying hydrated, and being well rested over a period of time. Psychological wellbeing on the other hand deals with being in a positive mental state. It involves emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, self-acceptance and positive social relationships. Intellectual capacity is closely linked or dependent on psychological wellbeing. It involves creativity and other cognitive skills that come from a place of positive mental health. Spiritual health or control creates a balance between the other aspects of human health. It involves religious and individualist aspects that give purpose and meaning to life. Tengrain Science understands the place of nutrition in staying healthy and continues to engage with institutions on agricultural research and development.