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We bring the breadth of our experience & knowledge to help the agro industries succeed.

Developing Innovative Agriculture Options

Improving Your Agriculture Business Planning

Financial Modeling and Analytics in Agriculture

Delivering the New Hybrids

Improving Life And Healthy Communities By Ensuring The Supply Of Quality Agri-Products

Beyond intensifying production, addressing agricultural supply chain issues is critical to achieving food and nutrition security. As a result, our expertise spans local cold storage and local warehousing. We are focused on the provision of safe and quality foods that are not harmful to human health by encouraging supply chains void of contamination.

Extensive Training And Research Coordination

At Tengrain Science Limited, We Provide Expert Advisory Services By Working In Collaborative Research Spaces And By Initiating Public-private Partnerships. We Facilitate Bridging The Gap Between Farmers And Research Trends In Agriculture. We Also Intend To Get Involved In Agri-science Research Relating To Bio-stimulants, Fertilizers, Chemical Research, And Seeds.